June 24, 25 and 26 2016 ...Montréal ...Delta Montreal

Last updated: June 5 2016.

Uses the AjaxFramework with custom javascript

Speaker : Samuel Pelletier

Internet is full of nice javascript code to implement very cool user interface widgets but integrating them to applications can be frightening and seem very complicated. Learn how to use features of the Ajax Framework to easily integrate pure javascript elements with your application.

Modernizing the stack from within - REST-APIs with Jersey in the WO stack

Speaker : Dennis Bliefernicht

In this talk we take a look how to introduce the modern Jersey framework in an existing WO application to create modern REST-like APIs and explore the benefits gained. This allows us to modernize an application from the middle while still being able to keep EOF on the persistence side and existing application deployment on the outside.

St(J)ack-in-the-box, building repeatable automated end-to-end testing using Docker and Gradle

Speaker : Dennis Bliefernicht

This talk presents an example architecture to build a complete, automated end-to-end testing which builds, deploys and tests a whole application from a known database state.

From EOF to Cayenne

Speaker : Hugi Þórðarson

Single page apps with client side persistence and WO REST

Speaker : Aaron Rosenweig

In Hamburg I showed what Single-Page-Apps are. I did not show how to persist information on a server. In this talk I’d show how to use WO for permanent storage via REST and also how to use local client storage when you are disconnected from the internet like in a metro-rail.

Practical ERModernD2W

Speaker : Fabian Peters

Six years after its creation, we take a close look at how ERModernD2W has evolved. We'll briefly cover new functionality (e.g. R2D2W-style actions, automated navigation state handling, easy ajax-updates of dependent properties) and bug fixes. Then we'll focus on how to use D2W productively, by covering the most important components, rules, assignments and delegates.

Modern Deployment

Speaker : Pascal Robert

It's time to move on from WOMonitor and WOTaskd! Learn how to use tools like mod_proxy, LXC, Puppet and Nagios' event handlers to configure, deploy and monitor your applications.

No container: example of modern Java stack with Bootique

Speaker : Andrus Adamchik

Java application containers were introduced back in the era of big expensive hardware to assist with centralized management of collocated applications. In the days of virtualized cloud infrastructure these problems are solved outside of Java, making the containers all but obsolete. Instead we can build container-less apps runnable as .jar's. This presentation will demonstrate a stack following this approach based on Bootique, with Cayenne, LinkRest, etc.

DB synchronization with LinkMove: a missing piece in your domain-driven design

Speaker : Andrus Adamchik

Domain Driven Design (DDD) is an great architectural approach for writing business software. One of its outcomes is that huge monolithic applications are broken into smaller cohesive and manageable "bounded contexts". This results in multiple smaller databases, with certain intentional data redundancy that needs synchronization. This presentation will show examples of such persistent models and how they can be kept in sync using an open-source Cayenne-based ETL tool called LinkMove.

Lightning Talks

Don't have enough content for a hour-long presentation? You can present a short topic (max 20 minutes) in the Lightning Talks.

  • Using WO with JIRA
  • Using WO with IMAP
  • Using WO with phone systems
  • Using DCEVM with Hotswap as a jRebel alternative
  • Using UUID primary key with EOF
  • Integrating AspectJ for logging and monitoring
  • Runtime patching of classes using javassist and bytebuddy to safely patch issues in EOF


Come join other WO developers in the labs so that everyone can share tips and tricks. Don't forget to bring your laptop and code!