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David Avendasora


David Avendasora just started his current position as a Senior Software Engineer with K12 in Herndon, Virginia. He has over 5 years of experience with WebObjects development in both the Manufacturing and Education industries. In addition to his day job, he is working on releasing a set of WebObjects frameworks for Enterprise Resource Planning, Nutrition and Recall. He's a passionate advocate of WebObjects' Direct To Java Client technology but is starting to concede that maybe this whole "web" thing has some merit.

Dan Beatty

Computer Scientist at U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center, and Ph.D. student at Texas Tech University

Dan has working with WO since 2004, and has used in prototypes for the Internet Flexible Image Transport System (iFITS) publish in Mobile Data Management 2010 and in the Revised Image Query System (RIQS) published in IEEE Information Technology: New Generations. He is currently looking forward to defend his dissertation proposal and dissertation, which use prototypes made with WOnderful goodies and Cocoa.

Vladimir Forfutdinov

Control's Force Inc.

Vladimir Forfutdinov is CEO & Chief Software Architect with Control's Force Inc. He has been developing custom software and architecture since 1994. Vladimir specializes in solving complex business problems. As an independent software consultant he was involved in developing different IT projects for first-tier manufacturers. Vladimir is a co-founder of Control's Force, a start up software vendor, and is behind the architecture of Transaction Watchdog™ Platform. Vladimir holds an honors Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University of Windsor, ON, Canada.

Ramsey Gurley

XeoTech, LLC

Ramsey Gurley is one of the newer additions to the WO community. He has been working with WebObjects full time for two years. He is an active contributor to the community wiki and to Project Wonder. He is the author of the R2D2W framework.

Chuck Hill

Global Village Consulting

Chuck Hill is co-author of Practical WebObjects and is active in the WO community sharing his knowledge. He is keenly interested in using technology to improve software quality. Chuck is VP of Development at Global Village Consulting and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Kieran Kelleher

Green Island Consulting LLC

Kieran Kelleher has been implementing WebObjects solutions fulltime since 2003. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from CIT Ireland where his final year project was a Manufacturing industry application developed on a 512K Mac! He has worked internationally in Manufacturing Engineering roles including Engineering Management in Apple Inc (Ireland) and Flextronics Inc (USA). He is a part-owner and inhouse WebObjects solutions provider in a small innovative direct mail company in Florida. He independently provides turnkey WebObjects solutions and WebObjects development contract services through his own company, Green Island Consulting LLC.

David LeBer

Align Software Inc.

David has spent the past 10 years leveraging the power of WebObjects. As a senior partner at Align Software Inc. he gets to create custom Mac, iPhone, and Web applications for his clients. David lives with his wife, two kids, and a cat in tropical Toronto Canada where he wants a pony.

Joe Little

Principal Systems Architect at Stanford University (Electrical Engineering department)

Joe has been been involved peripherally with WebObjects since 1996 when his interest in directory services and systems integration collided with EOF. Since 2003 Joe has been hacking on various WebObject applications, with varying degrees of success.

Baiss Eric Magnusson

Cascade Web Design

Baiss is a pioneer in object-oriented programming; beginning in 1974 with Simula 67, and then Beta/Java and C++. A critical part of the Apollo software team at NASA's manned-spacecraft center in Houston during the moon missions, Baiss has been developing software for over 40 years. He has been concentrating on WebObjects programming for the last eight years and will show an application that is being developed to understand, and thus manage, the flow of one's money.

Ravi Mendis

University of Wollongong

Ravi Mendis, the author of "WebObjects Developer's Guide" is a pioneering developer of Web 2.0 technologies for WebObjects since its inception. His contributions to the WebObjects community include svgobjects and "Diva" look for DirectToWeb. Currently fanatical about Scala, he's developing rich-interface WebObjects applications for the Facebook generation at the University of Wollongong in Australia.

Aurélien Minet

University of Provence

Aurelien been working for 6 years for higher education institutions using ERP French Cocktail, mainly universities. Currently seconded to the Association Cocktail he is in charge of the technical infrastructure, the deployment and the distribution, he is also a sys admin and a DBA. He have done many deployments of WebObjects and Cocktail's applications in French higher education institutions.

Pascal Robert


Pascal has been the main organizer of WOWODC since its inception in 2007. An avid WebObjects user since late 2001, he has 15 years of experience both as a developer and sys admin. Currently Pascal is working for the Organisme d'auto-réglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ), the organization which regulates real estate law for the Province of Quebec.

Dennis Gaastra

WEBAPPZ® Systems, Inc

Dennis manages WEBAPPZ's developer team and is responsible for software architecture, project management, and research and development (R&D) efforts. His company vision led to the development of 1TRACKER, a world-class time, expense, billing and payment tracking system. He have over 15 years of software design experience, possessing a degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia and a Masters of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.

Vijay K. Sajja

Evergent, Inc.

Vijay K. Sajja is the founder and CEO of Evergent. Vijay formed Evergent as a global team to create a set of components that enable advertisers/content providers/distributors manage complex revenue sharing rules and partner relationships effectively. Before Evergent he founded, Infotech Solutions, a technology services company specializing in telecom OSS&BSS. From 1995 – 2002. Infotech served as an important technology services vendor for the billing and customer care systems developed by TCI, Qwest, Echostar and Lucent. He holds a Masters Degree in Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, India.