April 12, 13 and 14 2014 ...Montréal ...Delta Montréal

Last updated: April 1 2014.

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Linux Crash Course

Speaker : Pascal Robert

Parallel to the other presentations, Pascal will give a short (30 minutes) crash course on Linux, including an installation of a WO deployment environment based on CentOS Linux.


Speaker : Samuel Pelletier

KAAccessControl is a framework implementing a modular access control system for your component based application. Access rights are defined by roles specified in the user permissions and in annotations in the component java classes. Is is very easy to use this framework especially for new application with the included migration class. This presentation will walk through the framework concepts and how to integrate it in a new application.

Reenabling SOAP using ERJaxWS

Speaker : Markus Stoll

WebObjects used to support SOAP services. Unfortunately Apple JavaWebServicesSupport framework was built using Axis and has never been upgraded. The new ERJaxWS framework binds Jax WS directly into WebObjects. This presentation will show how to provide and consume SOAP services using Jax WS.

Make "Exists" qualifiers work for you


Have you ever wished you could do the same sorts of qualifiers directly in the database that you can do in-memory? Using an “exists” qualifier can open up many more opportunities to do just that. It grants you the ability to make arbitrarily complex queries but simply return a handful of EOs fast and cheaply. We’ll peek under the covers of ERXExistsQualifier to see what makes it tick and how to optimize it (even flip it into an “in” qualifier). You’ll learn how to find the handful of forms that answered “male” to a gender question, all without a large object graph traversal. And that’s not all, you’ll be sure to use this little bag of tricks once a week, I guarantee it.


Speaker : Ken Ishimoto

Have you been wishing for a new D2W Rule Modeler? Does the existing RuleModeler look tired and old on your new MBP? Would it be nice to have some online Help for Rules? Come see the new Exciting RuleModeler in Action.


Speaker : Ken Ishimoto

Let's think and focus about our future. This session is a very important MUST have Session for all WO Developers, only now you can join and decide the future together. This presentation WON'T be recorded, and an NDA will have to be sign.

Using ERXCopyable, with and without writing any code

Speaker : Dave Avendasora

Copying an Enterprise Object is almost always far more complicated than it seems. Do related objects also need to be copied? Under what conditions? What about the related objects' related objects’ related objects’ related objects’ related objects? How do you avoid infinite recursion? Dave will cover the basic EOCopyable concepts originally outlined in Practical WebObjects and then show how they have been implemented and expanded upon in ERXCopyable with type-safety and automatic code generation that have made ERXCopyable so easy that …

Introduction to dependency injection using WOInject

Speaker : Henrique Prange

Going Native

Speaker : George DOMUROT and Benjamin HARRINGTON

Integrating command line tools and other native libraries can enhance your WO app capabilities. George will walk through creating a command line tool based on OS X’s CoreLocation framework that powers a geo-coding WO API. Benjamin will demonstrate OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) integration, demonstrating practical image manipulation and advanced image detection.

Build & Deployment

Speaker : Pascal Robert and others

Deployment of WO applications can be a pain. Learn how you can use tools like Jenkins, Git, Puppet and Maven to automatically build and deploy your applications.

Monitoring your WO apps

Speaker : Pascal Robert and others

Find out problems before your customers reports them is a must. Learn how you can use Nagios, JMX and Logstash to be notified when problems arise.

High Availability

Speaker : Pascal Robert and others

We are in 2014, and your Web applications and REST services must be available with a rate 99.9%. Learn how to can build a deployment architecture that can scale based on the number of requests and other metrics while offering a failover setup.

WOTaskd Internals: bringing sanity to deployment problems

Speaker : Chuck Hill

State of the Community

Now that the association is a real organization, let's discuss how we can go forward as a community.


Come join other WO developers in the labs so that everyone can share tips and tricks. Don't forget to bring your laptop and code!