August 29th and 30th ... Montreal ... Hotel Gouverneur

What Is It?

The WOrld WebObjects Developer Conference (WOWODC) is the event for developers interested in learning about the potential of WebObjects as well as developers looking to become WebObjects superheroes. Now in its third year, WOWODC has established itself as the ultimate source of WebObjects content.

This year's lineup of speakers includes many of the top WebObjects professionals in the world, presenting topics that span the full breadth of the WebObjects and EOF frameworks. Get all your questions answered by noted mailing list members, popular framework authors, and other noted community members.

In addition to the speakers, there is no better place to meet your WebObjects peers. Put names to faces, or just catch up with friends from previous years. WOWODC provides a unique opportunity to network with more WebObjects developers than you'll find anywhere else.

This is an exciting time for WebObjects, and WOWODC is the place to be to learn about what is in store.

If you're going to WWDC, or two days of WebObjects content a year just doesn't fulfill your WebObjects needs, don't forget to check out WOWOWDC West.

When Is It?

August 29th and 30th, 2009.

Where Is It?

The Hotel Gouverneur in Montreal, Canada.

What Will I Learn?

Check out the Topics page for details about the presentations that are in store for you at this year's WOWODC.

Who Will Be There

Head over to the Speakers page to find out more about the WebObjects professionals that will be presenting topics this year.


Is this your first time at WOWODC, WWDC, or Montreal? We have a Tips page to help you out.

Go, Already!!

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