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David Avendasora


David Avendasora just started his current position as a Senior Software Engineer with K12 in Herndon, Virginia. He has over 5 years of experience with WebObjects development in both the Manufacturing and Education industries. In addition to his day job, he is working on releasing a set of WebObjects frameworks for Enterprise Resource Planning, Nutrition and Recall. He's a passionate advocate of WebObjects' Direct To Java Client technology but is starting to concede that maybe this whole "web" thing has some merit.

Michael Bushkov

Demax Labs

Michael Bushkov is a partner at Demax - a Russian based WebObjects shop, where besides WO programming, he's responsible for the deployment system, for the Flex/AS3 projects and for the C/C++ related stuff. He is also a Project Wonder committer and ERSelenium framework author.

Drew Davidson

Apple | Apple Online Store

Drew is a Senior Software Engineer at Apple, Inc. working at the Apple Online Store. He has been working with WebObjects since its inception. He has been contributing to WebObjects as an Apple employee for the last few years, mainly in the area of template and wod definition parsing. He is the author of the new all-in-one template parser in WebObjects 5.4.

Denis Frolov

Demax Labs

Denis is a co-founder of Demax - a Russian based WebObjects shop. He is doing WebObjects since 2002 and is involved in all the projects by Demax. Denis is a Project Wonder committer.

Jumana Al Hashal

Übermind, Inc.

Jay is a Consultant with Übermind, Inc. She has worked for a variety of clients including Apple iTunes and NetServices teams. She lives in Seattle where she writes code for the Mac, the Web, and the iPhone, and grows one too many varieties of hot peppers. The nitty-gritty available at http://www.linkedin.com/in/jalhashal.

Chuck Hill

Global Village Consulting

Chuck Hill is co-author of Practical WebObjects and is active in the WO community sharing his knowledge. He is keenly interested in using technology to improve software quality. Chuck is VP of Development at Global Village Consulting and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Daniel Kao

Übermind, Inc.

Daniel is a Infrastructure Engineer with Übermind, Inc. working with a variety of clients including clientele with WebObjects deployments. Daniel loves hacking things in his spare time, usually breaking things beyond repair in the process. He currently resides in Seattle but considers San Francisco his second home.

Ray Kiddy


Ray Kiddy worked at Apple for 15 years, first administering mainframes and developing firmware on printers, and then working in the WebObjects team in many roles. He is doing iPhone app development, Mozilla extension and testing tools development, and is so very, very close to finishing a degree in math at San Jose State. He manages www.sorrynopony.com and is waiting for Web 3.14159 technologies to take off.

David LeBer

Codeferous Software

David has developed with WebObjects for nearly 10 of the 30 years he has worked with Apple technology. His company Codeferous Software creates custom Mac, iPhone, and Web applications. David lives with his wife, two kids, and a cat in tropical Toronto Canada where he wants a pony.

Guido Neitzer

Apple | MobileMe

Guido Neitzer has worked with WebObjects since he got his hands on OpenStep as the "Prelude to Rhapsody" in the late 90's. As a German, first working with WO in a small company in Germany, later with ClickSpace in bi-lingual Canada, nowadays in the United States localization was always a big topic for him. At the moment he is enjoying his work (and the great weather) as an Engineering Manager at Apple in Cupertino.

Henrique Prange

DOit S/A and Moleque de Idéias

Henrique Prange is a software engineer with six years of experience on WebObjects development, three of them using Maven to manage software projects. Since 2002, he has worked in partnership with Moleque de Idéias to continuously improve the software development process. In 2007, Henrique became member of WOProject and started to lead the development of Maven plug-ins for WebObjects. He is also responsible for the Maven configuration to build Project Wonder and the brand new WOCommunity repository. Today, he works for two Brazilian companies - DOit S/A and Moleque de Idéias - where he is the main system architect and leader developer. Henrique develops in both companies research about project management applying agile practices specified by methodologies like XP and Scrum.

Mark Ritchie

Diamond Lake Consulting Inc.

Mark's an Apple technologies geek who loves to dig into troublesome problems and figure out what's going on! He has specialized in Java WebObjects, Objective-C Cocoa and Mac OS X for more then 10 years.

Mike Schrag

mDimension Technology, LLC

Mike Schrag is a Senior Software Developer with m Dimension Technology, LLC. He has been a professional Java developer for 11 years, working with WebObjects for five of them, and is one of the primary contributors to both Project Wonder and WOLips. Some of his notable contributions include Project Wonder's Ajax framework and WOLips' Entity Modeler plugins. He has presented WebObjects training and development support to clients ranging from the US Government to Apple, inc, and currently works on WebObjects consulting projects as well as product development that includes WebObjects, iPhone, Cocoa, and Java.